Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Search Engine Optimizaton Services

From search engine optimization and web development to complete internet marketing solutions, we offer our services to everything you would need to have a successful online visibility. Through the proven marketing strategies, we'll turn online searchers into visitors to leads and become your customers in the end.

We’ve been helping internet businesses to develop their online presences. With a team to work with all kind businesses to improve search engine rankings and attract new customers that will result to generate high-quality leads.

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What We Do:

Our services are for website traffic, brand promotion and generate leads to reach your business goals and once you know your business goal then we can take care of your marketing phase.

a. Search Engine Optimization
b. Link Building
c. Video SEO
d. Content Marketing

We also offer our simple worpdress services.
This wordpress service is for anyone who wants a professional installation and configuration of WordPress with a theme from one of the many professional WordPress theme providers.

 -Installing of the latest version of WordPress to use as your Blog site
 -Creatiing database for use for the WordPress site
 -Installation of a theme of your choice
 -Install advanced Ping list
 -Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your site 
 -Configure a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz to promote search engine rankings
 -Set up your permalinks to improve SEO of your site
 -Install our selected standard & advanced plugins to work with your theme
 -Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam
 -Install your company logo and graphics
 -Training on how to manage your site and how to publish content

We also offer forum services.
 This forum service is for anyone who wants to have a professional installation and configuration of mybb forum with a theme from one of the many professional mybb theme developers. This includes logo, basic SEO and 200 forum posts.